trundling along

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More samples of work in progress…

Working against time. I need an army of little helpers – hundreds of pompoms, origami cranes, tassles, stuffed toys and all kinds of details to complete – but there is just one of me. And my Lucy. But we are trundling along. Down the rabbit holes. I am learning Greyhound focus – redirect, away from the fear that seeps in from the global view, persevering bubbles towards an uncertain culmination. Tally ho!

Anxiety mounts

Silent screaming stretto

Roaring inside the vacuum of haplessness

Gazing into that vociferous abyss

Howling mellifluence

Flourescent invisible

Oxymorons in dancing juxtapositions

Canine Angel

Breathing clemency

Leads the way

Piercing through


Of time and space

Trundling along


Hope of Grace

(dawn-joy leong 2015)

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