Roaring Whispers 2013 – installation & exhibition

Work in Progress

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The Exhibition

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The video component (no audio)

Roaring Whispers 2013 – video component

Roaring Whispers – 7-10 May 2013, UNSW Art & Design

A multisensory conceptual space by Dawn-joy Leong, featuring selected images, vocalisations and poetry by Kateryna Fury.

Welcome to my compressed micro-cosmos filled with juxtapositions and interlocutions of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Suspended time reverberates inside this space-within-space, a private pied-à-terre where the abstract finds personification in the concrete. Herein, you are invited to engage all your senses – distal and proximal – in a rich interactive tapestry of intense yet whimsical oxymoronic interplay.

Roaring Whispers is the first in a series of mixed media, multisensory, intimate autobiographical articulations by Dawn-joy Leong, reflecting the fragmented and fascinating world of Autism Spectrum Condition. In Roaring Whispers, the themes of autism related sensory-cognitive anomaly are introduced and explored, with special focus on hypersensitivity, intense detail focus, multi-dimensional facets of sensory impairment, as well as altered, vitiated mental-emotional-somatic states brought about by comorbid physical dysfunctions.

Artist Biographies

Dawn-joy Leong is a multi-artist – music composer, singer, visual artist, writer, poet and published author – with Asperger’s Syndrome. She is currently a Ph.D candidate at COFA and her research focuses on transdisciplinary approaches – science as syllogism and artistic research-praxis as agency – for the creation of mutually empathic platforms between neurological cultures. Dawn likes dancing around polyrhythmic-pandiatonic-chromatic mental fires, adores her companion greyhound, Lucy, and is obsessed with the subject of the mercurial greyhound digestion.

Kateryna Fury is a voice-over artist and visual artist, currently residing in New Mexico, USA. Kateryna has Asperger’s Syndrome, she is also paraplegic, has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, survived multiple brain injuries, Post Traumatic Stress disorder and a myriad of debilitating allergies. Kateryna describes herself as “an eclectic collection of ideas, a synaesthete who experiences everything with full body contact, and an advocate for disability rights.”


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