Sonata in Z – 2015

SONATA in Z Lucy - Sonorous Repose
Lucy – Sonorous Repose

Sonata in Z – the invitation!

Dear Friends,

Lucy and I are pleased to present to you Sonata in Z.

Date and time: 10-14 November 2015, 10am-4pm

Venue: Nick Waterlow Gallery, UNSW Art & Design Galleries, Paddington, Sydney.

Sonata in Z completes my series of three physical studies in Autistic Parallel Embodiment and elemental empathy. My preceding two exhibitions (Roaring Whispers 2013 and Little Sweets 小甜心2014) confronted visitors with the silent cacophonies of my autistic existential oxymoron. Sonata in Z presents the cadential resolution to the three-part opus: an encounter with sensorial clemency and gentle equilibrium.


Lucy is my artistic muse. The quintessential connection between autist and animal lies not in any need for anthropomorphism. In fact, Lucy’s disparate sentient presence, and the unembellished juxtaposition and sympathetic reverberation of our canine-and-human coexistence reify my concepts of autistic parallel embodiment and alternative empathic channels. Sonata in Z is directly inspired by Lucy’s innate ability to locate and create oases of comfort, and the unique elegance and poise with which she executes this inexorable mission.


The first part of the title is a nod to one of my favourite musical forms, the Classical Sonata, which speaks to me of order, process and ‘becoming,’ and the “Z” is a whimsical reference to Lucy’s favourite activity, i.e. mellow reposing! It suggests the symbiotic relationship between an autist and her canine companion: a testament of empathic resonance across diverse incarnations of Beingness.


An autist artist’s quest for convivial space. A personal retreat. A compassionate microcosmos crafted for fellow autists. A palpable Endeavour of Empathy welcoming everyone regardless of neuro-diversity.


Like a musical theme, photographs of Lucy in Sonorous Repose shall lead the way into the work. Inside, a continuous performance is taking place. Performance is an inevitable and essential part of autistic life within an alien social world, where autists are required to “perform the unnatural as naturally as possible.” The rendition in Sonata in Z, however, is a different kind of expression. Here, the autist-as-artist shall unfold the intrinsic: there shall be no verbal chatter, our communication shall be nonverbal, yet rich in the language of concrete consciousness. As soon as you remove your shoes (which shall be a requirement of entry) and step into this intimate interstice, you shall become part of its dynamic essence and rhythmic momentum. Luxuriate in myriad textures and patterns; curl up inside Lucy’s special Cuddle Cave, fall asleep to the soundscape of her reassuring heartbeat and rhythmic breath; indulge in delicious tastes and smells; or join me in non-verbal calming ‘stimming’ activities, fashioning new objects to add to the luscious sensory tapestry each day.


The Work in Progress: here are some samples of work in progress…


Please contact me at for more information.

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