Scheherazade’s Sea is Back!

Scheherazade’s Sea: continuing odyssey (2021) by Dawn-joy Leong is an ongoing autobiographical chronicle, inspired by the iconic storyteller in the Persian folktale, “A Thousand and One Nights”, whose survival depended on her ability to spin captivating stories. Artist Dr. Dawn-joy Leong draws parallels between Scheherazade and modern-day female Autistics, who also feel compelled to “perform the unnatural as naturally as possible” in order to navigate the alienating and stigmatising terrain of the neuronormative social realm.

Eleven years after the first show premiered, Dawn-joy brings her evolving narrative to digital audiences in yet another groundbreaking project, featuring a cast of disabled artists at different stages of their artistic journeys. A multidisciplinary showcase featuring music, song, dance, narrative, poetry, video, soundscape with captioning, and creative audio description, it is sure to enthral the senses of the audience.  It challenges the boundaries between art forms and takes advantage of the immense capabilities of digital technology to allow viewers to embark on visual and auditory exploration.  The immersive installation will promote digital presentation as a dynamic art form in itself.

Look out for the public launch on 1 December 2021, and stay tuned for more teasers in the upcoming days!

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