on with the show!

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The autistic attention to detail can lead to overload of myriad complexions. I am engulfed in the tsunami.

The progress thus far?

Thanks to my two main sponsors and loyal supporters, Rick and Rosemary, I think I have gathered enough physical material to work on. However, with just four more weeks to go, I desperately need an army of Smurfs or Minions, or whatever you call those little critters that busy themselves doing eclectic tasks!

On top of the work that needs to be done, my sensory system has been screaming itself hoarse throughout the extreme weather changes – from wet, excruciating cold to sizzling, baking heat – and accompanying physical devastation that sensory breakdowns inevitably result in.

Well, there’s no time here for more rambling. I hope you enjoy the above visual updates on Work in Progress. Righto, that’s it for now. I really have to get back to work asap. Tally ho, and on with the show!

Remember, if you are in Sydney, please drop in to see us!

10-14 November, Nick Waterlow Gallery, UNSW Galleries,

UNSW Art & Design, Greens Road Paddington.

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