The Work in Progress – a call for clemency

Sonata in Z will be the final exhibition in the series of experiments and physical reflections of autism sensory acuity, parallel embodiment and an alternative empathic system. It has been an incredible journey. The most amazing experiential element has been the addition of Lucy to my ‘research and praxis team’ and yet, hardly surprising, given the well documented relationships between autists and animals.

Here is a glimpse of the work in progress, which I have taken from the Sonata in Z project page.

I wanted this third and final space to be the cadential resolution for Scheherazade’s Sea – autism, parallel embodiment and elemental empathy. (The synopsis of this Ph.D dissertation can be found here.)

Sonata in Z is about confronting conceptual and physical Grace. It shall be a culmination of literal and metaphysical ‘showers of blessing’ that have characterised this magnificent adventure, which in essence has been a pilgrimage towards Beingness, opening windows and doors to the beautiful aspects of Other, while finding rest within Self.

As such, Sonata in Z represents the reciprocity of Self and Other, a communal expression of myriad empathic vibrations, incarnated within a concrete physical space.

My vision and mission for Sonata in Z is to fill the 10m x 3m room with luscious sensorial nuances of calm, undulating rhythms of tranquility, yet rich in minutiae, tiny organisms flourishing within an oxymoronic aperture, opulent in its simplicity.

However, I am working on against the clock, with only three months to go, and within severe financial and physical contraints. I struggle with literally no money whatsoever for the work, while worrying about basic survival necessities such as food, and a daily battle with autism-related executive dysfunctions that not only cause physical pain and systemic breakdowns, but take me away from my focus. Ironically, intense focus is a prized trait that I do possess, thanks to my autistic brain. WIthin a clement environment, I am able to work fast and furiously, with much vim and vigour, and I relish the process immensely. Being able to engage in this Endeavour is relaxing, refreshing and renewing to me. The practicalities of my life-in-situ, however, are at odds with this innate functionality. Perhaps this is the essential, deep-seated compulsion that drives me towards seeking and designing “clement spaces” – so that others like myself may find equilibrium and the necessary ‘fertile soil’ in which to thrive, develop and fine hone intrinsic worthiness of Being?

That is my dream for the future, the goal towards which I would like to see my life work travel. For now, I face a conundrum. How will I manage to complete this splendid space? I have to admit that it is a matter of grave concern, consternation and agonising anxiety for me.

I shall have to rely on Grace, the same grace that has seen me through this arduous path, littering the tumultuous struggle with dustings of gentle clemency. Sympathetic vibrations of disparate souls and their acts of generosity and indulgent mercy – individuals whose paths criss-cross, reaching out with eclectic acts of compassion. This is not a magical fantasy, nor an abstract spiritual expectation, it is a concrete reality. I am propelled towards my vision of goodness by the beneficence of friends and supporters, and upon this grace, this Grand Opus shall now once more depend.

The description for Sonata in Z and a detailed list of what the project needs can be found on the project page: Sonata in Z – 2015.

If you would like to be a treasured and vibrant part of this work, please contact me at

Most grateful thanks for your support.

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